Advancing the security of personal data exchange and communication


An autonomous administrative authority commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment to implement employee insurances and provide labour market and data services.


The Netherlands


Communications Advisory & Consultancy

data security enhancement


The focus of this project was to pilot a Proof of Concept at the client’s Social Medical Affairs division. This division serves as the expertise center and service provider for socio-medical and work-related assessments and recommendations.


The client faced the crucial challenge of securely exchanging personal client data with internal divisions, external partners (e.g. GPs), employers, and clients across their dispersed locations. To tackle this issue, a new SaaS application was required, necessitating a significant shift in work processes and communication across multiple stakeholder groups.


No Gaps Consultancy stepped in to create a comprehensive change management and communication strategy to maximize buy-in and foster seamless adoption of the new tools and processes. We designed a Stakeholder Engagement Plan that encompassed all levels of the organization, including the Board, management, and works council.

We organized impactful events like roadshows and tailored training sessions to demonstrate the benefits of the new approach, ensuring that employees and stakeholders were informed and well-equipped to embrace the change.
By bundling all communications materials and knowledge in a toolbox for end-users, we enabled easy access to resources and insights that reinforced the importance of the new SaaS application and equipped them with the right resources to smoothly adopt the new way of working.
We crafted compelling messages for newsletters, presentations, websites, and other channels, driving awareness and building excitement around the new tool.
With the successful planning and well-executed tactics from the pilot, the new SaaS application was embraced by the entire organization. The pilot paved the way for a company-wide implementation, ensuring a secure personal data exchange for the client and strengthening client data retention.
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