Explaining Change Management and Communications to a 5-Year-Old

Generative AI is booming and we are extremely excited and curious about the developments. While playing around with ChatGPT , we asked it to explain what it is we do to, a five-year-old. Here’s what it said: Change management and communications may sound like big and complicated words, but they are actually pretty simple concepts that we use every day, just like playing with our toys or sharing our feelings. In this blog post, we will break down these grown-up terms and explain them in a way that a 5-year-old can easily understand. So, let’s dive in and have some fun learning about how we handle changes and talk with our friends and family!

What is change management?

Change management is like when we decide to do something different or make a change in our daily routine. Remember when we started brushing our teeth every morning and night? That was a change! Change management is all about making sure we feel comfortable and happy when we try something new. Just like how we needed Mom or Dad to show us how to brush our teeth at first, grown-ups also have special helpers who make sure everything goes smoothly when they want to do something different at work or in big projects.

Why is change management important?

Change can sometimes be a little scary because it’s something we haven’t done before. That’s why we have grown-ups called change managers who help us feel safe and not worried when we try new things. They use special tools like stickers, charts, and fun games to make sure everyone knows what to do and feels excited about the change. Remember when we got a new toy that had lots of buttons and switches? It might have seemed a bit overwhelming, but Mom or Dad showed us how to play with it step by step. Change managers do the same thing to help grown-ups try new things and make them successful!

What is communications?

Communications is like when we talk and share our thoughts with our friends and family. When we want to play with our friends, we call them or run to their houses to tell them about our awesome idea for a game. That’s communication! It’s how we tell others what we want to do or how we feel. Grown-ups use communication too, but instead of calling friends, they use special tools like phones, emails, and even drawings to share important information with lots of people.

Why is communications important?

Just like how we talk to our friends about what games we want to play, grown-ups need to talk to their friends at work or in big projects too. They use communication to tell everyone about the cool things they want to do together. Remember how excited we were when our friends agreed to play tag with us? It’s the same for grown-ups! When they talk with their friends at work, everyone knows what to do and can work together as a team. Communication helps everyone stay on the same page and have lots of fun doing things together!


Change management and communications are like our special helpers that make sure we feel happy and safe when we try new things. Change managers help grown-ups do cool and exciting projects, just like how Mom or Dad helped us learn to brush our teeth. And just like how we talk with our friends to plan fun games, grown-ups use communications to work as a team and do amazing things together. So, the next time you hear these grown-up words, you can smile and say, “I know what that means! It’s like when I try something new and tell my friends about it!” Learning about change management and communications can be fun and easy, just like playing with our toys and having adventures with our friends
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