Tips to craft authentic content in the age of GenAI

GenAI replacing communications manager

In today’s digital landscape, content creation has become more accessible than ever, thanks to the advent of powerful AI tools. While AI can certainly help streamline content production and distribution, it also poses a unique challenge. With so many creators using AI-generated content, how can you stand out in a sea of similarity and duplication? This blog post explores practical tips to help you create authentic and original content while leveraging GenAI as a valuable supporting tool.

Share data and stories

One powerful way to distinguish your content is by blending data with compelling narratives. People love stories, and they connect with individuals sharing their personal experiences. Whether it’s on instagram, a blog, or any other platform, stories create a unique bond between you and your audience. Sharing your own experiences and the intricate details that others might overlook can set your content apart. For instance, recounting a personal journey, like overcoming a job loss, adds an irreplaceable depth to your content that AI alone cannot replicate. Then amplify your story with data. Data is the new gold and adds credibility to your story. Try using infographics to visualize facts, lists or figures and instantly grab your audience’s attention. People love to look at infographics that explain in a simplified way what the premise of the story is. It helps them organize their thoughts which makes it easier to remember.

Add use cases and best practices

It’s those personal touches and lived-through details that truly make your content shine. Consider the difference between generic content and a piece enriched with personal experiences and examples. Readers can sense the authenticity, and this deepens their engagement with your work. Remember, it’s often the small, genuine details that resonate the most with your audience.

Share your own insights and reactions

Think of creating content as sharing your unique perspective and reactions. This is particularly evident in mediums like YouTube, where reaction videos are immensely popular. By providing your viewpoint or reactions, you’re offering valuable insights and a fresh take on a subject. People appreciate a new perspective, and it can be just the nudge they need to see things differently. Also, by blending in your opinion you might spark a discussion, which increases comments, likes or dislikes and thus online engagement with your content.

Choose unique topics

One common pitfall in content creation, whether AI-driven or not, is the repetition of topics. To truly stand out, focus on subjects that haven’t been overused. Avoid beating the same drum as everyone else. For example, rather than rehashing well-worn topics, delve into emerging areas people haven’t written so much about yet. Or use recent events or a magazine article as hooks for a story. Explore topics like the impact of a new governmental policy on digital transformations in education and how change managers can help. Providing unique, data-backed insights on such topics can make your content genuinely captivating.

Collaborate with thought leaders and SMEs

Incorporating thought leaders and subject matter experts (SMEs) into your content can give it an extra edge, especially when targeting a professional business audience. Whether it’s partnering with them for an interview, or including a quote, their perspective can add significant value. Thought leaders and SMEs can bring their expertise, insights, and followers to your content, making it more appealing and unique within your niche. Consider thought leaders and SMEs in your industry who can elevate your content’s reach and impact. Don’t feel anxious to ask them because our experience is that they usually feel honoured and excited, even anxious to contribute. We witnessed many times that executive leaders, even the tough ones, are just people, with insecurities and feelings like anyone else, who need comforting, guidance and encouragement when communicating something that is important to them.

Use case

We have effectively applied these five guiding principles in our prior projects. Through strategic interviews with executive leaders and subject matter experts featured in podcasts and video interviews, we increased the attention and buy-in of key decision-makers. Furthermore, we shaped success narratives by including compelling data,  building trust and credibility. In addition, we designed infographics to communicate complex information into easily digestible pieces, thus expanding the accessibility of our content to a broader audience. To learn more about the outcomes of this initiative, we invite you to explore our client story.

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