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A Big Four Professional Services Firm 


Global, 265,000 employees


Communications Advisory & Consultancy

cloud transformation project


Our client’s global technology pillar embarked on an ambitious multi-year, cloud transformation program. The global technology pillar provides innovative technology that the business functions and member firms use to deliver client-facing solutions. The technology organization also provides the information protection and infrastructure that secures the firm’s technology environment and connects its network of member firms with technology solutions that leverage world-leading partnerships, disruptive digital capabilities and access to the firm’s collective intelligence. 

The objectives were to elevate the organization’s resilience, compliance and security, to enhance consistency globally, and to maximize productivity by empowering their business professionals with a future-proof digital workplace experience. Through the adoption of cutting-edge Microsoft 365 and Azure cloud technology, including productivity and security suites, the program enabled seamless collaboration and ensured the highest standards of data protection. Key aspects involved closures of global data centers, migrating on-premise applications to their cloud platform, implementing binding rules and guardrails, and modernizing legacy systems in a cloud-native environment.


Amidst the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, our client’s member firms faced the urgency to an accelerated adoption of cloud-based remote working solutions. Ensuring business continuity across time zones and geographies became paramount. Covid-19 accelerated the adoption but also put urgency and time constraints on deployments. In the consecutive second and third year, the program shifted its focus to equipping individual member firms with cloud-based technology and guiding them on their digital transformation journey.


No Gaps consultancy played a pivotal role in executive positioning and C-level communications and in creating adoption materials for the cloud enterprise products and services.

By crafting strategic communication strategies and tailored messaging, we helped establish a strong executive presence and effectively communicate key initiatives to top-level stakeholders. Our expertise in executive communications ensured that the vision and benefits of the cloud transformation program were clearly articulated to C-level executives, fostering alignment and driving buy-in. Through targeted communication channels and impactful content, we empowered executives to champion the cloud platform program, engage their teams, and drive organizational-wide adoption of the cloud platform and cloud-first strategy. By delivering compelling messages that resonated with key decision-makers, we facilitated informed decision-making and created a unified vision for the successful implementation of the cloud transformation initiatives.

Furthermore, our executive positioning efforts extended beyond internal technology stakeholders. We worked closely with C-level executives from the countries and regional member firms to develop thought leadership content, positioning them as industry influencers and showcasing their best practices in leveraging cloud technology for business growth. The content was distributed in different fromats, ranging from podcasts to video materials and use case articles.
No Gaps consultancy's focus on executive positioning and C-level communications ensured that the strategic goals of the cloud transformation program were not only understood but embraced at the highest levels of the organization.

By effectively showcasing the value and complexity of the cloud platform with its services and products, we inspired client’s business professionals to embrace cloud solutions and the cloud enabled, technology driven, digital workplace experience powered by Microsoft Azure and O365.

Our efforts went beyond advisory and tactics and included hands on delivery capabilities in developing communication materials and channels, creating captivating content, hosting podcasts with SMEs and video-interviews with CIOs, designing infographics, and shaping news articles and web portal content. Furthermore, we successfully launched a bi-monthly digital magazine targeting global CIOs, IT professionals, and business leaders.

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