Empowering Africa's Digital Entrepreneurship for Economic Growth


The United Nations’ International Trade Centre (ITC)


West Africa


The United Nations’ International Trade Centre (ITC)


At No Gaps Consultancy, we had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with The United Nation’s projects organisation, The International Trade Centre, on their transformative Fast Track Tech project. The Fast Track Tech project’s primary focus was to empower tech startups and digital entrepreneurs in Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Mali, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zambia. By equipping them with vital digital and managerial skills, the project aimed to facilitate the establishment, growth, and export of their services.


The tech start-ups and digital entrepreneurs served as catalysts in driving the continent’s digital transformation, bolstering economies, and supporting the realization of Sustainable Development goals. However, reaching their full potential required strategic support and effective communication to engage stakeholders. The challenge lay in crafting a compelling narrative and communication strategy that would inspire stakeholders to connect, engage, and actively contribute to the project’s vision and objectives.

Our collaboration with the Fast Track Tech project involved the development of an online content strategy that strategically paired messages with various social media to engage stakeholders and enhance their understanding of the project's mission and vision. We were entrusted with managing the content calendar to ensure timely and effective communications, guiding a narrative that inspired stakeholders to connect, engage, and contribute to the project's objectives.
No Gaps provided guidance on a diverse range of content, including news stories, graphics, videos, web copy, and campaigns that aligned with the organization's goals and furthered the project's impact in African communities.
We took a data-driven approach, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on social media engagement. This approach allowed us to measure the effectiveness of the content strategy, identify areas for improvement, and maximize the project's positive influence.
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