Enhancing the global hosting strategy for agility


A multinational brewing company with presence in more than 70 countries.


Global, more than 80,000 employees


Organizational Change Management, Communications Advisory & Consultancy

multi cloud strategy


Our client’s International Digital & Technology organization is responsible for the integrated IT strategy of the global breweries. They bring modern technology, digital and data solutions & insights that enable customers and the breweries to grow. From B2B platforms, Advanced Analytics & Algorithms, to IoT in the breweries and ERP systems. In 2018 they embarked on a transformative initiative as part of its Global Hosting Strategy, focusing on the transformation of local hosting infrastructure and services. The objective was to transition to regional Multi-Cloud platforms, managed by their global hosting partner. This comprehensive program, known as ASTRO, aimed to enhance the reliability, security, agility, and flexibility of hosted applications in operations. The ASTRO program prioritized personal engagement with local Operational Companies (OpCos), empowering them to take the lead in designing migration projects. By investing significant time in analysis, design, and tailoring solutions to fit each OpCo’s unique situation and challenges, ASTRO ensured an optimized and seamless transformation.


The goal of ASTRO was to realize the benefits outlined in our cient’s Global Hosting Strategy. With applications migrating to the Multi-Cloud environment, managed by the global hosting partner, the transformation brought about technical changes, alterations in the application landscape, and shifts in employee tasks from infrastructure management to requesting infrastructure support via ServiceNow. It was crucial to conduct thorough impact analysis to understand the specific implications for task sets and devise appropriate strategies to address the changes.


No Gaps played a pivotal role in driving effective communication and change management strategies for our client’s ASTRO transformation program.
We understood the importance of robust planning, leadership involvement, tailored roadmaps, stakeholder engagement, and effective communication frameworks. Our services included crafting and implementing comprehensive communication and change management strategies that fostered buy-in and addressed cultural requirements. We created engaging content for various channels, leveraging platforms like MS365 Teams and Workplace by Facebook to inform and engage employees effectively.

With an agile way of working, we swiftly adapted to evolving needs, enabling us to deliver impactful outcomes consistently. This approach allowed us to manage and mitigate the impact of change on employees and the organization while minimizing resistance and maximizing benefit realization.
We maintained close collaboration with functional owners in different countries, including program teams, leaders, and local project teams. This collaboration ensured the seamless implementation of the change, leaving no gaps in the transformation process.
Our team designed and deployed change management tools and strategies, such as impact analysis, stakeholder engagement, business readiness, and effective communication and training frameworks. This comprehensive approach set the foundation for a successful transformation journey.

Throughout the project, we acknowledged and respected cultural differences, promoting shared values among client's employees. By incorporating cultural considerations into our change management approach, we ensured that the transformation resonated with employees at all levels, fostering a sense of unity, alignment, and collective commitment.

No Gaps’ expertise in communication, change management, and cultural awareness played a pivotal role in driving the successful execution of the ASTRO program. By empowering our client’s employees, aligning cultural values, and delivering impactful communication strategies, we facilitated a seamless transition to the Multi-Cloud environment, enabling our client to unlock the full potential of its hosting infrastructure.

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