Fortifying Resilience and unifying Cyber Security


A global bio-tech company active in health, nutrition, and materials with presence of nearly 200 sites in more than 50 countries


Global, 21,000 employees


Organizational change management, Communications Advisory & Consultancy

mature cyber security


Our client sought to enhance its global cyber security posture and internal cyber security awareness to fortify resilience against external threats. The global program included the development and adoption of a new cyber security control tower with a policy framework, controls and guardrails.
No Gaps was sought for our expertise in strategic advisory services. Our objective was to develop a robust Change Management strategy and a comprehensive Communications plan to achieve key objectives.


Adding to the complexity, our client was concurrently navigating a merger with a Swiss enterprise, necessitating the merging of the two organizations’ cyber security landscapes, teams and cultures.

Our primary focus was to accelerate the adoption and create commitment for a new cyber security policy framework, controls, and guidelines. We recognized that empowering employees to embrace the new cyber security measures was crucial in safeguarding the organization against potential threats.
Navigating a merger meant that we needed to ensure a smooth integration of two distinct cyber security landscapes into a unified culture. Raising awareness about cyber security and fostering collaboration between the teams was paramount as both organizations had an increased external threats alert level during the merger preparations.
We devised a plan to internally brand the new cyber security office as the principal and authority on cyber security, instilling confidence among stakeholders and promoting its pivotal role in safeguarding the organization.
To achieve these goals, we leveraged a change agents community within the organization. This community functioned as a focus group, ensuring that the Change Management strategy was tailored to the specific needs and concerns of key players impacted by the changes.
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