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Webinar GenAI for communications

WEBINAR: GenAI for Communicators

In this FREE live webinar we'll unveil the transformative power of artificial intelligence in the realm of communication and marketing. Whether you're a professional in marketing, HR, communications, a change manager, or a small business owner taking charge of your own outreach, this session is designed with you in mind. Don't miss this opportunity to equip yourself with the right tools and insights, making AI an integral ally in your daily communication and marketing strategies. We'll go beyond copy writing assistance and showcase many other ways to leverage AI in strategy, planning and optimizing your marketing & communications.

Webinar customer-centric storytelling

WEBINAR: Mastering Customer-centric Storytelling

In this FREE live webinar we'll teach you proven techniques that encourage B2B customers to open up and share their authentic experiences with your brand, turning them into your most persuasive advocates. We'll show you strategies to repurpose singular customer experiences into versatile content, adaptable across various platforms. This webinar is valuable for marketing and communications professionals who want to learn how to harness the power of B2B customer stories, reshaping them into your brand's most influential marketing tool and forging deeper, more personal connections with your audience.

Webinar stakeholder mapping

WEBINAR: Advanced Stakeholder Mapping

After this FREE live webinar you'll walk away with a strategic toolkit and techniques to master the art and science of stakeholder mapping, equipping yourself to effortlessly steer your projects, marketing or communications. Learn how to categorize stakeholders based on evolving parameters of influence, power, and interest. Uncover less-visible stakeholders who can sway your projects or campaigns, employing methods beyond traditional analysis. We'll show you hands-on techniques and tools integral to effective stakeholder management that you can use immediately. If you're a project manager, communications professional, HR specialist or a marketing manager, navigating a landscape of stakeholders, this webinar is for you.

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