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A multi-national bank with offices in 12 countries.


The Netherlands and the United Kingdom


Communications Advisory & Consultancy


The Bank’s New Technology Organisation (NTO) embarked on a mission to create a dynamic, agile, and innovative Global IT community that would deliver exceptional value to the Bank. Guided by their vision of customer satisfaction, time-to-market efficiency, and product consistency, NTO aimed to optimize technology services through a new Target Operating Model consisting of a Global Shared Services IT organisation. Alongside this, an Offshoring Center of Expertise and multiple Shared Services Units were established to foster growth and promote offshoring opportunities.

To shape the New Technology Organisation and its new Target Operating Model, the Bank set up the Transition & Transformation(T&T) Program to design and deliver the new Global Shared Services IT organisation and redefine the Offshoring Center of Expertise. No Gaps played a pivotal role in the Transition & Transformation Program, to bring about positive changes and drive progress. Our primary objectives were twofold: to influence a significant increase in positive opinions about the T&T Program and to enhance knowledge about its numerous business benefits.

No Gaps was entrusted with the critical task of communicating three transformative changes to stakeholders: (1) A New IT Strategy (2) A Redefined IT Organization and Operating Model (3) New IT processes


The transformational journey faced several challenges on both the program and communication levels. Stakeholders grappled with the uncertainty of adapting to new work processes and the potential impact on their roles, leading to fear and scepticism. The integration of the new IT Group Function within the existing company culture posed an additional hurdle, requiring a delicate balance to foster a “we” culture. On the communication front, stakeholders lacked sufficient information and engagement about the T&T Program, and front-line managers struggled to effectively communicate the changes to their teams.


To ensure stakeholders were well-informed and updated, No Gaps created an easily accessible T&T program intranet site. This hub served as a go-to resource, offering real-time information, publications, program scope, status updates, FAQs, and valuable related links.
With targeted emails to key audience contacts, No Gaps facilitated both informal and formal communication. This approach ensured stakeholders were consistently kept in the loop.
The high-level program calendar, designed by No Gaps, became a beacon of transparency. By highlighting milestones and events, it offered stakeholders unparalleled awareness of key phases, strengthening commitment to the journey.
Addressing stakeholder inquiries head-on, No Gaps ensured that the T&T Programme's website offered answers to frequently asked questions. In parallel, active efforts to collect feedback through surveys, interviews, and focus groups laid the foundation for an inclusive and responsive approach.
In the spirit of open communication, No Gaps orchestrated impactful face-to-face stakeholder information sessions. These gatherings became a vital platform for valuable feedback and information exchange, nurturing an engaged and empowered workforce.
Empowering managers was a key focus for No Gaps. We delivered comprehensive toolkits brimming with presentation materials, key messages, FAQs, change communication tips, and crucial contact details. This arsenal empowered leaders to deliver consistent and effective communication at all levels.
With highly visual presentations tailor-made for business unit leaders, No Gaps sparked dialogue and two-way communication. These sessions not only facilitated understanding but also prompted follow-up actions, underlining the significance of collaborative decision-making.
No Gaps introduced a simple yet powerful stoplight metrics system, the Programme Communication Scorecard. Utilizing simple red, yellow, and green indicators, this tool assessed communication performance and its impact on the Bank's business results, ensuring continuous improvement and success.
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